Sunday Online Worship – May 24, 2020

Greetings friends and family of Forest Grove Reformed Church! We have put together this worship resource for you to worship in your homes this Sunday as we will not be gathering together. Please watch the videos and read the prayers and readings below as you worship together.


Read this prayer aloud:

We give you thanks, great God, for the hope we have in Jesus, who died but is risen and rules over all. We praise you for his presence with us. Because he lives, we look for eternal life, knowing that nothing past, present, or yet to come can separate us from your great love made known in Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord. Amen

Call to Worship:

We praise you, Lord!
We give thanks to you with our whole heart!
Great are your works, full of honor and majesty
and studied by all who delight in them.
The works of your hands are faithful and just.
Your precepts are trustworthy.
Our reverence for you is the beginning of wisdom.
You are to be praised forever.

Good and Gracious King

So Will I


Take a few minutes to lift your heart before the Lord. Here are some things you might pray about:
-Our High School and College Seniors
-Those impacted by the flooding in the Midland area
-Those suffering from COVID 19
-Doctors, nurses, aids and other medical professionals
-Government leaders and officials
-Our frontline employees
-Those who have been laid off or let go from their job
-Families who have lost loved ones during this season
-Those making decisions about when and how to reopen the church building
-Our Staff and Consistory members
-The Staff and Families of our Christian Learning Center

Thank you for worshiping with us online today! Please stay connected with us here on the website and on Facebook. We will keep you updated as to how our worship will proceed!