“But all things should be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians. 14:40

Good order is a sign of a house managed well. The same is true for the body of Christ, the Church. Disorganization ruins the family of God, just as it would any other family. It is the product of laziness, carelessness, and a lack of love. A house in good order, on the other hand, is a sign of love for God and for each other.

The Reformed churches have sought to follow the practice of church government as recorded in the New Testament. The office of “elder” or “overseer” is called by God to shepherd and oversee the body of Christ by protecting, teaching, and leading. (Acts 20:17, 28; 1 Timothy 3:1 – 13, 5:17 – 25; Titus 1:5 – 7; 1 Peter 5:1 – 2)

The minister or pastor is a special kind of elder devoted to preaching and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17).

The other office called by God is “deacon” (Philippians 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:8, 12). Though every member of the church is called to minister or serve, deacons are those called to an official, public position within the church. They oversee the practical, material needs in the church by receiving the contributions of the congregation and distributing them appropriately. As such, they can also be called “ministers of mercy” since they are in the position of the church’s practical care ministry.

These offices form the consistory or governing body of a local church. They work together to maintain order in the local church so that it may carry out its mission to announce the good news of Christ and extend His Lordship throughout the world.

Forest Grove Reformed Church Consistory


Randy Lubbers
Jeff Smit
Bill Veldhuizen, Clerk

Mark Brouwer
Wayne Oosterink
Evan Peuse, VP

Steve Baar
David Clark
Bruce Veltema


Jon Keppel, Chairman
Jason Mulder
Brett Oosterink, Treasurer

Dan Camferrman
Craig Cotts
Ryan Vande Bunte

Matt Brouwer
Trevor VanderZwaag
Jeremy Bodbyl

Executive Team
Pastor Daniel DeVries
Evan Peuse
Bill Veldhuizen
John Keppel
Brett Oosterink
Dan Camfferman
Congregational Care Ministry

Purpose: Demonstrating care and compassion for church family and community, being aware of the needs of the people, and working closely with the consistory and pastor.

Description: This committee is to help plan programs and events to demonstrate care and compassion for people in the congregation and community. They are to work closely with the consistory and pastor to be aware of the needs of people.

Lay Coordinator: TO BE DETERMINED

Visitation: Pastor Doug Hoeve

Social: Jeff Smit & Matt Brouwer

Community Engagement Team

Lay Coordinator: TO BE DETERMINED

Steve Baar & Jason Mulder

Hospitality Ministry Team

Lay Coordinator: TO BE DETERMINED

Mark Brouwer & Bruce Veltema

Outreach - Mission Team

Purpose: The Mission and Outreach Committee encourages a mission-minded focus for the church by supporting and encouraging missions local and abroad.

Description: This committee is to call on new people in the community and to be a close link with missionaries that the church supports. They are to help the church seek out mission needs of the community and the world. They are to suggest mission support programs to the consistory.

Lay Coordinator: Bonnie Oosterink

Evangelism & Mission: David Clark & Craig Cotts

Forest Grove C.L.C.: Bill Veldhuizen & Jason Mulder

Vacation Bible School: David Clark & Craig Cotts

Christian Learning Center
Lay Coordinator: Bill Veldhuizen
Property Team
Church Facility Use: FGRC Office
Custodian: Missy Ulberg
Maintenance/Church Parsonage/Grounds/Vehicles: Trevor VanderZwaag and Craig Cotts
Repair Committee: Lay Coordinator – Brandon Osterink
Assistants: Larry Boeve, Wayne Oosterink, Wayne Van Dommelen and Chad Walters
Worship Ministry Team

Purpose: To coordinate and evaluate the worship services so that they please God and build up the church.

Description: This Committee is responsible for all that happens in and to worship, from greeting people to ushering; to music, to decorations, banners, preaching, drama, sound system; to providing organ and piano and other musical instruments.

Lay Coordinator: TO BE DETERMINED

Sacraments and Pulpit Supply: Randy Lubbers, Jeremy Bodbyl

Worship and Music Director: Randy Bennett

Prayer Ministry Team
Lay Coordinator: Paul and Barb Veldhuizen

Evan Peuse

Classis Representatives

Randy Lubbers & Wayne Oosterink

Education Ministry Team

Lay Coordinator: Linda Schaap
Sunday School & Family Night: Jason Mulder & TO BE DETERMINED
Sunday School Superintendent & Treasurer: Linda Schaap