“Empowering Disconnected People to a Connected and Sent Life in Christ.”

We believe that God is already on the move in our community and around the world and is inviting us to join Him on mission! To help our church family to do this, in our Reformed tradition, we put various leaders into place just as the early church did.

The office of “elder” or “overseer” is called by God to shepherd and oversee the body of Christ by protecting, teaching, and leading. (Acts 20:17, 28; 1 Timothy 3:1 – 13, 5:17 – 25; Titus 1:5 – 7; 1 Peter 5:1 – 2)

The minister or pastor is a special kind of elder devoted to preaching and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17).

The other office called by God is “deacon” (Philippians 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:8, 12). Though every member of the church is called to minister or serve, deacons are those called to an official, public position within the church. They oversee the practical, material needs in the church by receiving the contributions of the congregation and distributing them appropriately.

These offices form the consistory or the leadership team of a local church. Together they cast vision and keep us focused on our mission, while setting guiding principles for our ministry teams and staff. When our leadership is functioning well, they empower our staff and ministry teams to carry out the mission, vision, and values of the church.

Forest Grove Reformed Church Consistory


Steve Baar, Vice President

Kevin Hager, Clerk

Jeff Niehof, Sacraments


Shane Schaap, Treasurer

Nate Pasma, Head of Deacons

Doug Driesenga, Assistant Treasurer

Congregational Care

Purpose: To utilize the gifts and talents of the people at Forest Grove to care for one another in such a way that the love of God is on full display.

Contact: Pastor Doug Hoeve


Purpose: To create and oversee outreach opportunities in our community to connect and build relationships with our neighbors, especially those who are not connected with a body of Christian believers.

Contact: Brittany DeVries, Julie Baar


Purpose: To ensure our value of steadfast hospitality is experienced by all who walk in our doors, especially our guests, so they can feel that they belong here.

Contact: Ginny Klingenberg


Purpose: To cultivate a missional and servant heart in our church family by financially giving to local and global missions, promoting service opportunities in our local community, and creating opportunities for our church family to go on mission/immersion trips.

Contact: Bonnie Oosterink, Joyann Paasman

Christian Learning Center Board
Purpose: To provide leadership, oversight, care, support, and encouragement to our Christian Learning Center director, staff, and families.

Contact: Brittany DeVries

Building and Grounds

Purpose: To improve, maintain, and make repairs to the buildings, vehicles, and property that Forest Grove owns and insure the spaces are safe, inviting, clean, and fulfill the needs of the ministries of the church.

Contact: TBD


Purpose: To create worship environments in which the community can come together to worship our Triune God in Spirit and in Truth.

Contact: Vince Browand

Purpose: To create and ensure Biblical, relevant and disciple making learning opportunities are available for all ages and places in their faith journey.

Contact: Pastor Dan DeVries