God’s Grand Story – The Fall of Israel: Division, Decline, & Destruction

Spring & Summer 2019

After 120 years of A United Kingdom, Israel is divided into two Kingdoms due to Solomon’s sin. Good and bad Kings in The North and South, Elijah & Elisha perform miracles, Evil Kings humble themselves before God, The Minor Prophets, A Boy King, and The Destruction of the Northern Kingdom Israel. It’s summer in Michigan so we meet less often and cut the reading in half. So come join in and try reading the Bible in Chronological Order. Using The Daily Bible we will cover the Books of Kings and Chronicles blended together for one easy-to-read narrative. Enjoy group discussion, receive Bible teaching, and be encouraged together! You may join at any time.

Rich Applebee – rapplejack@yahoo.com

Sundays at 5:30 pm
April 28, May 5 & 19, June to September once a month