Standing on the frontlines of spiritual conflict

Our High School youth group is known as Frontline and is for students 9th-12th grade. Starting with the Freshman year of High school we become increasingly aware of our duty to stand on the frontlines of the spiritual conflict. We have been called to be more than conquerors in Christ. If BASIC is a time of training, then Frontline is a time of battle. It is our goal that when we graduate Seniors, they are prepared to go out into the world equipped and ready to defend what and why they believe. We meet regularly on Sundays in the church’s Activity Building and occasionally in small groups that are held at sponsors’ homes.

In Frontline we deal with some of today’s tough topics with a Christ-centered view. We carefully consider what the Lord has to say about common questions we have. Frontline is a safe, fun, Christ-centered community that focuses on discipleship and outreach.

In addition to our regular meetings on Sundays we also attend area youth events, go on periodic retreats, engage in mission trips, and do service projects. Some of our past mission trip locations have been Maine, Mississippi, Minnesota, West Virginia, Chicago, and ALASKA!!! We are excited to remain involved in missions as we learn more about our own faith and the way God moves in and through us.

Check the church calendar for Frontline meeting times and events.

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